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Happy Endings

Image of "The Searcher" by Heather Horton

Image: "The Searcher" by Heather Horton. Used by Permission. "I am taken with dreaming of other places, other realities, while at the same time remaining grounded" -- Heather Horton

Happy Endings
by Peter John

I believe in happy endings.
I believe in rainbows, too.
Although today
Is sad and gray
Tomorrow will still shine through.
I believe that a beacon of love as old as time
Can glow like new.
I believe in happy endings.
I believe in dreams come true.

I believe in new horizons.
I believe they’re everywhere.
The future’s gift
Is when we lift
The burdens our brother’s bear.
I believe that we’re each a desire expressed
In someone else’s prayer.
I believe in new horizons.
I believe that people care.

I believe that God is with us.
I believe His grandest schemes
Compose a plan
That teaches man
The simplest eternal themes.
I believe that His blessings distill
Till happy endings flow in streams.
I believe that God is with us
In our rainbows and our dreams.


©1988 Peter John Stone. All rights reserved. Any free distribution of this poem is authorized provided it 1) includes author credit and copyright notice, (2) the author is notified of its use (3) is referenced. Contact the author for permissions in ANY use that involves any commercial application.


I Know Who I Am

Never Sacrifice Who You Just Because Someone Has a Problem With It

Used by Permission of Art Jonak,

I Know Who I Am
By Peter John

I know who I am.
You obviously don’t
Know who I am or
You’d treat me

Who am I?
If you take the time
To get to know me
You might find out.

If you don’t take
The time to find out
You don’t deserve to know
Who I am.

(c) 1985 by Peter John Stone. All Rights Reserved. Contact author for reasonable terms on permission.

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