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Love Survives

Photo of George Clark Stone walking across wilderness bridge with fishing pole

George Clark Stone May 25, 1936 – November 4, 2012

Love Survives
By Peter John

Do you search for an answer in the rising Sun?
Do you reach out for comfort from the Moon?
Does your heart long for friendship when the day is done,
When the sky seems dark too soon?

Love survives in the desert.
Love survives in the sea.
Love survives in the memories
Of you and me.
From before we are born
To beyond our lives
Love survives.
Love survives!

When you welcomed your brother who was on the street
Did you offer him shelter from the rain?
At the crossroads where happiness and sorrow meet
The joy overcomes the pain.

Love survives frigid alleys.
Love survives fields of snow,
But it still takes a burning
For a hearth to glow.
When our vengeance has answered
Our hateful drives
Love survives.
Only love could still survive.
Love survives.

It dangles our hearts on a web between
The best and the worst we can feel.
For love sends a scalpel to slice our souls,
And love brings a balsam to heal.

Love survives every promise we fail to keep.
Love endures every fault we pass by.
After anger and envy have wept to sleep
Love alone still survives.

Love attends to the sunshine
But can offer the shade.
Love inhabits the hovels
That our hatred made.
When the night’s creeping darkness
Has left us blind, fear arrives
Love endures it and survives …

When you’ve found all your answers in the sunset’s glow,
When you’ve danced with the moonbeams on the sea,
When I’m never returning, only then you’ll know
The depth of your love for me.

Love survives — I remember
Tender nights, you and I —
Love survives when we wish
That it could simply die.
From before we are born
To beyond our lives
Fate contrives,
Anger weakens,
Hate deprives.
Love survives.

(c) 1991 Peter John Stone. All Rights Reserved.
COntact the author for permissions.

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Happy Endings

Image of "The Searcher" by Heather Horton

Image: "The Searcher" by Heather Horton. Used by Permission. "I am taken with dreaming of other places, other realities, while at the same time remaining grounded" -- Heather Horton

Happy Endings
by Peter John

I believe in happy endings.
I believe in rainbows, too.
Although today
Is sad and gray
Tomorrow will still shine through.
I believe that a beacon of love as old as time
Can glow like new.
I believe in happy endings.
I believe in dreams come true.

I believe in new horizons.
I believe they’re everywhere.
The future’s gift
Is when we lift
The burdens our brother’s bear.
I believe that we’re each a desire expressed
In someone else’s prayer.
I believe in new horizons.
I believe that people care.

I believe that God is with us.
I believe His grandest schemes
Compose a plan
That teaches man
The simplest eternal themes.
I believe that His blessings distill
Till happy endings flow in streams.
I believe that God is with us
In our rainbows and our dreams.


©1988 Peter John Stone. All rights reserved. Any free distribution of this poem is authorized provided it 1) includes author credit and copyright notice, (2) the author is notified of its use (3) is referenced. Contact the author for permissions in ANY use that involves any commercial application.

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