from Peter John

Happy Endings

Image of "The Searcher" by Heather Horton

Image: "The Searcher" by Heather Horton. Used by Permission. "I am taken with dreaming of other places, other realities, while at the same time remaining grounded" -- Heather Horton

Happy Endings
by Peter John

I believe in happy endings.
I believe in rainbows, too.
Although today
Is sad and gray
Tomorrow will still shine through.
I believe that a beacon of love as old as time
Can glow like new.
I believe in happy endings.
I believe in dreams come true.

I believe in new horizons.
I believe they’re everywhere.
The future’s gift
Is when we lift
The burdens our brother’s bear.
I believe that we’re each a desire expressed
In someone else’s prayer.
I believe in new horizons.
I believe that people care.

I believe that God is with us.
I believe His grandest schemes
Compose a plan
That teaches man
The simplest eternal themes.
I believe that His blessings distill
Till happy endings flow in streams.
I believe that God is with us
In our rainbows and our dreams.


©1988 Peter John Stone. All rights reserved. Any free distribution of this poem is authorized provided it 1) includes author credit and copyright notice, (2) the author is notified of its use (3) is referenced. Contact the author for permissions in ANY use that involves any commercial application.


Comments on: "Happy Endings" (1)

  1. If this poem inspires you or encourages you in any way, pleases share your thoughts, and share it with others.

    Writing this poem taught me the most important part of my creative process. I wrote this poem before most of my other material. I was in the Army at the time, anticipating my discharge in a few months. I had attended a double feature of “The Princess Bride” and “Overboard” at the Rialto in Tacoma. On the bus back to Ft. Lewis I composed the first verse in my head, and wrote it down as soon as I got back to the barracks.

    Then the real creativity began. I immediately saw that it had three verses, realized what most of the second verse would be, and the theme of the third. When I had completed the second verse all but the last two lines of the third followed. Only when the rest of it was done did the whole unifying point of the poem come to me in the last two verses.

    It was the first time I stayed up all night working on something. When finished I experienced an enlivening flood of euphoria, as I now know any artists feel when they have created something truly expressive. I briefly marketed it as a wall hanging, and have been blessed to hear a few stories of how it helped readers.

    This has proven an artistically controversial poem, though general readres tend to love it. Academic purists have dismissed is as greeting card style rhyme. Some intellectually leaning readers who apprecate well structured and presented rhyme and meter still do not like it because of blatant theistic message.

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