from Peter John

Bittersweet Bouquet

Bittersweet Bouquet
by Peter John

We loved with Lilacs,
Spring’s first pink fragrance awakening the air
Impassioned, bursting pollen on evergreen slopes,
With blossoms running whispers through your hair.

Then, Claire,
We loved with Daisies,
Fresh promising hands full pleadingly we offered new,
Soon wasted stems from petals plucked in doubt
To answer if our love was true.

Carnations, Annunciata,
We loved with fluffy blossoms,
Winter grown in summer heat, spanning fervent years.
A Valentine’s obsession, cherished, pressed
And dried, forgotten, sodden pulp in a younger man’s tears

Dawn! Oh, Dawn!
Only Dandelions for all the pain.
Glowing golden in the summer Sun,
Tangled roots embedded frenzied needs.
Soft seed scattered mindlessly,
Windblown drift of sly fertility,
And purged in sprouting,
Sifted with the weeds.

But Roses, Katie, we had Roses!
Fields of vibrant future carpeted our way,
Where perfumed petals camouflaged the thorns
Which stabbed so deep that still we bleed taday.

Lilies and Babies Breath, Marigolds,
Though lovers leave their gifts forever stay,
A vivid aromatic potpourri
Of blossoms in a bittersweet bouquet.


(c) copyright 1988, 1992, & 2010 by Peter John Stone. All rights reserved. No use is authorized without permission from author, but the author offers reasonable terms, and entertains any proposals.


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